Actor’s Life

Actor’s Life during Lockdown in Mumbai

LIGHTS! CAMERA! ACTION! The exhilaration of the moment, the freezing of frames, the electricity that seems to pulse through the set, the long draining hours, and the satisfaction of being in another’s shoes in reel – this sums up an actor’s life! But the scene has changed, the sets are deserted, the lights are out.
Maharshi says it’s not just struggling actors, but even well-based ones who are starting to feel the pinch of the lockdown. “The scene overall is bad for actors who are yet to create their niche. I remember a friend calling me to discuss if he should also consider a business process outsourcing (BPO) or call centre opportunity. This is a guy who easily does 15-20 ad films a year and a couple of web series cameos here and there! He’s not been cast for 2 months. This is when it could get dirty and people could get into depression. It’s important that someone acts as a support system at this time.”
Hariman, who has worked with the big guys, like Alt Balaji, Lays, Icici, Hp Laptops, KFC, Burger paints, SBI, Oppo, Hrx, Xolo, Award Winning Short Film Aehsaas, says “There are no real opportunities for struggling actors. Most brands are trying to hold on until the lock-down ends. When the lockdown hit, most artists, struggling actors, and members of the film fraternity who come to Mumbai looking to pursue their dreams had to move back home.The pandemic will take a while for things get back to normal. But they will.”